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 Kaci's Portfolio~ I'm back :)

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Dressed to Kill
Dressed to Kill

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Kaci's Portfolio~ I'm back :) Empty
PostSubject: Kaci's Portfolio~ I'm back :)   Kaci's Portfolio~ I'm back :) I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 21, 2017 4:55 pm

Hey! I haven't been ACTUALLY around on Subeta for maybe 2 years now. I think I left SR 5-ish years ago? Due to family stuff and lack of personal time. I've been back on Subeta off and on since then, and kinda kept in touch with some of the old crew when I've been on. I finally have JUST a job and no school on top of it Kaci's Portfolio~ I'm back :) 37844 so I'm planning on being around quite a bit now! I'm currently an EMT working in an ER. My job is super stressful, so I need something to come home and destress to. I've been playing a ton of League of Legends, but anyone who plays that knows it's really more on the stress-inducing side from all the trolls and toxic community Kaci's Portfolio~ I'm back :) 545949

Hoping to pick back up in HA making because it's something to focus my energy on and really reduces my stress levels Kaci's Portfolio~ I'm back :) 863468

So if I could get some crits on these:

Kaci's Portfolio~ I'm back :) Flirti10
Kaci's Portfolio~ I'm back :) 11-17-10

Probably popping out a rainbow HA in the next day or so. Just wanting some feedback on my current style after coming off hiatus Kaci's Portfolio~ I'm back :) 562833

~Thanks loves Kaci's Portfolio~ I'm back :) 488563
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Runway Royalty
Runway Royalty

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Kaci's Portfolio~ I'm back :) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Kaci's Portfolio~ I'm back :)   Kaci's Portfolio~ I'm back :) I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 12, 2017 2:57 am

Hey Kaci, sorry for the late reply. It's good to see you! As you can probably tell, S|R isn't active any longer. Not here, anyway. We're not very active onsite right now, either, and we'll probably never be what we were before, but I'm hoping we will be active again soon.

If you'd like to join us onsite, please comment me and I'll add you to the group right away. Kaci's Portfolio~ I'm back :) Icon_smile

If you're simply looking to join an active avatar community, I'd recommend Style File if you're not already a member. One of S|R's memorable and beloved former members is staff there, and I'm sure they'd be happy to see you!

Edit: lmao, I just realized I had to use a workaround to get here, so there's no way that you'd read this. Kaci's Portfolio~ I'm back :) Icon_razz I'll comment you on Subeta.

Kaci's Portfolio~ I'm back :) RtxJe
Kaci's Portfolio~ I'm back :) C2eg6V4
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Kaci's Portfolio~ I'm back :)

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