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 Read Before Posting!

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PostSubject: Read Before Posting!   Read Before Posting! I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 11, 2016 3:57 pm

Read Before Posting! Presentyourportfolio
Welcome to Present Your Portfolio! This is where prospective S|R members may ask current S|R members for avatar critique. Please read the entirety of this post before asking for critique. Note that this is not the application forum! For further information, please read the Rules of Subetan Runway.

Looking For Critique?
We have added this section for any and all members of Subeta that are interested in joining Subeta Runway, but perhaps are not ready to apply or reapply just yet. Since our members and staff are donating their time to offer critique, we ask that you be patient while waiting for replies and only create a topic if you are seriously considering applying to the cult. Staff reserves the right to revoke the posting privileges of anyone found abusing this forum or our members.

Posting Limitations
You will not be able to edit your posts once you make them, so use the preview function to make sure everything looks the way you want it to before hitting the send button. We ask that you do not post in any critique thread but your own. This is to make it easier for the topic creator to see when they have received critique. You may double post in your own thread if you are adding new information. However, do not make a double post just to bump your thread.

Posting Guidelines
• Create your own topic with your Subeta username in the title. Please include any past Subeta usernames in the body of your post.
• Introduce yourself! Tell us a bit about your avatar style and skills, including what you find to be your strengths and weaknesses.
• Post the images you would like feedback on. Please limit yourself to no more than 5 avatars to be critiqued at a time.

Handy Dandy Code

Other Information
Please note that everything in this forum is subject to the Rules of Subetan Runway. Topics that have had no new posts in six months are subject to being cleared. If you would like your old topic moved back to this section rather than making a new topic, please contact an admin via the PM system.

Welcome to S|R!
How may I help you?
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Read Before Posting!

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