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 Patience Is A Virtue

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PostSubject: Patience Is A Virtue   Patience Is A Virtue I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 06, 2009 2:03 am

The International Modeling Guide wrote:
Patience Is A Virtue

You need a great amount of patience to get established in this business. The beginning of a modeling/acting career can be very frustrating unless you are among the small number of lucky individuals who are scooped up for overnight success! Be prepared for some hard work in the beginning. Primadonnas with short fused tempers are left out in the cold in this business. Pushy parents, too, can be detrimental.

Relax, if you can. Enjoy meeting and working with others. Take direction from the pros. If you can successfully deal with rejection and not give up, you'll go far in modeling!

Subeta is a game and this cult is just one aspect to it, but much of what holds true for modeling in the real world is applicable. Not everyone is going to be accepted the first time they apply. Some of you might be here because you want to apply but aren't sure if you are ready yet.

Your attitude and personality is going to be key in getting accepted. You have the ability to interact with our members on these forums and get feedback. We want everyone to remain true to themselves but be open to improving. You have the tools in front of you, so use them wisely. Patience Is A Virtue Icon_smile
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Patience Is A Virtue

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