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 Rules Of Subetan Runway

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PostSubject: Rules Of Subetan Runway   Rules Of Subetan Runway I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 07, 2010 1:52 pm

Rules Of Subetan Runway Rulesbanner
These are the Subetan Runway cult rules. You must read and agree to these rules upon your application to the cult. Any infractions of these rules will result in penalty on a case by case basis. Review these rules as necessary. Any questions or concerns about these rules should be directed to a staff member via the private message system. Subetan Runway holds the right to change, remove, or amend these rules, and add rules as needed.

You must be 13 or older to register and use an account on our forums. You must have an active account on Subeta. All material including but not limited to links, photos, and videos must be PG-13. You must agree to the Terms Of Service.

Respect all members. This includes, but is not limited to, their opinions, race, gender, sexual orientation, and religion. Refrain from bashing other cults, or members of Subeta in public venues, or on our forums. Respect the lifestyle, choices, and humanity of everyone you interact with. Flaming with not be tolerated. (If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all, treat others how you wish to be treated, etc.)

Post at least a few times a week. We expect that you'll make the equivalent of one post a day during the month, and we tend to warn those that do not meet this requirement. If you are going to be away, or have some other issue that will interfere with your ability to be active, please post in the Members Going MIA thread. Feel free to make your own thread in the Model News section of our forum if you feel you need more feedback or support than the MIA thread will warrant. However, if you are found to still be active on Subeta during your MIA time, we may have to ask you to leave.

Any type of image that you post on this forum must follow our rules and terms of service. The size of any image you post on this forum should not stretch the page, and if it does, we expect that you'll place it in spoiler by using BBCode. Do not hotlink images from another site (unless that site explicitly allows it). That said, do not hotlink from Style File. Host your images on your own server, upload them to a photo sharing site, or upload them via the 'host an image' option when posting.

Any and all rules that apply to our cult, cult forums, and Subeta also apply to IRC. Everyone is allowed to link images, video, and links to sites. If you were to post an image, video, or link with a warning/spoiler on the forums, please use the same caution when linking it in the IRC. Users have the right to ask other users to stop posting images, video, or links. Do not abuse this right. If someone is bothering you by doing this, simply refrain from clicking the links. If a user is spamming or posting inappropriate content, please take note of the time, date, user, and content (otherwise known as chat logs), and contact an available staff member.

Do not ping the Subetan Runway group (#SRCult) unless you are running a contest, event, are a mod/admin, or have vital news. Using the cult ping for something other than those reasons, such as asking people if you HA looks good, is not acceptable. If you have a question as to whether or not your ping is allowed, please contact an available staff member. If pinging the SR Lend And Borrow group (#sritems), please attempt to keep pings to a minimum, and remember to return borrowed items to their owners in a fashionable manner. In case of emergencies, the staff can be reached at #HBIC, and as such, please refrain from pinging the Subetan Runway group (#SRCult) for these matters. Cult Token Shop restock pings should be directed to the SR TS Pings group (#SRRS), and not any other cult group.

We offer and encourage the use of the Present Your Portfolio forum for Subeta users wishing to seek avatar critique from S|R members before applying to the cult. There are posting guidelines that Subeta users and S|R members are expected to follow. If you choose to make a portfolio, and we highly recommend you do, you may not apply to the cult until 10 days later. This is to ensure that you receive a fair amount of feedback regarding your avatars, and have enough time to take the critiques into consideration before submitting your application for staff review. While 10 days may seem like a long time, it will allow you time to put in a quality application and not just a rehash of a portfolio. Often when a prospective member makes a portfolio and applies on the same day or shortly after, the staff reviewing the application say very similar things that our members say in the portfolio.

Prospective Members
If your ultimate goal is to join another fashion cult, and you are thinking of using us as a 'stepping stone' to attain that goal, don't waste your time or ours by applying. We are only interested in sincere members that are here because they want to be.

Current Members
If are considering applying to another cult, you must leave S|R first. If you are found applying to another cult without leaving first, you will be removed from the cult. If we find you asking for avatar advice in the critique threads or on the forums of other cults, we reserve the right to remove you from the cult under the assumption that you are applying, since you shouldn't be wasting the time of other cults if you are not applying.

If you leave S|R to apply to another cult but want to come back to S|R, be aware that you will have to apply again. You may be be asked for additional information in addition to the standard application, and there is no guarantee that you will be re-accepted. However, if you are accepted at this point, and leave again at any point, for any reason, we reserve every right to refuse you if you apply yet again. Please note that we may also revoke your right submit future applications because of this behavior.

Subetan Runway is a fashion cult, and as such we ask our members to maintain a fashionable appearance at all times.  While we know there can be exceptions to this due to real life or other commitments, we ask that our members attempt to look their best when at all possible.
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Rules Of Subetan Runway

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